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The Cause

Pilgrim Bandits (NZ) is a unique charity, dedicated to supporting Frontline Heroes. The charity does this by providing safe yet difficult challenges,  where those carrying the scars of their service learn they are capable of achieving far more than they believe. In rising to the challenges we set, they reclaim their self esteem and empower their ambition. From challenges close to the doorsteps of home to the high mountain ranges of Nepal, the Arctic wastes of northern Scandinavia or even from their own back doors, we encourage and enable our heroes to go always a little further... and in doing so, to learn that they can be profoundly empowered by their own attitude.

By participating in the WORLD'S TOUGHEST ROW, we aim to raise public awareness of the Pilgrim Bandits charity. Please donate to the GLIMMERING SEA campaign and be part of the team helping us to cross the Atlantic Ocean. 


Thank you!

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